Land Rover Gallery

From Jalopnik this past March. A 65th Anniversary Mega Gallery.

If you’re an enthusiast you’ll always love your first most.  I’d change that spare though, it looks a little bald.


  1. She was a Series 2 109 project my father brought home and my mother fought a guerilla war to remove. During hostilities, though, I was the most popular kid in Cardiff. The hood supports were like Olympic high bars, and though no bones were broken we must have had the highest concentration of scabbed knees of any suburb. The Cab was every film set you could name, and we were all the characters we knew, in rotation. Yet there was no fighting, we even shared it with the next street’s gang! Well, you have to share something that good, dunyoo? I still remember those halcyon days. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Tanzeuss said:

    Thanks for the feedback. Cardiff , eh? We could see the Aberthaw power station smoke stacks from some of some our fields in Somerset. It’s funny what you end up being nostalgic about. I guess for my brother and I it’s the Land Rover mainly because it was so unlike all the other vehicles we were around. ’70s Boats in Canada and the US and the English equivalent in the UK (not even the mini was as cool). Like you, my bro and I used to play all manner of games on every part of that LR. My uncle encouraged us to pretend to be tail gunners on a Lanc. as we trundled through the country.

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